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The Evington Community Association was formed to promote the Evington Virginia area and to seek a better living environment for all residents and visitors.

Our area is rich in history and remains a vivid reminder of the accomplishment of the original settlers of the land.  Many Century Farms are resident in the immediate Evington Village vicinity. The Otter River / Flat Creek development was one of the earliest settlements within Campbell County.

Foster the vitality and integrity of the Evington area while respecting and protecting the natural environment and our quality of life.


We invite you to get to know our community better. Browse this web site freely and offer advice on how it can be improved.

Where we are:

Evington is located southwest of Lynchburg in the County of Campbell. The crossroads of State Route 24 and State Road 682, Leesville Road, along with the Norfolk Southern Railroad approximate the Evington Village centerpoint.

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